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Why Aptech Training Solutions?
Aptech Training Solutions’ believes in the credo: 'Performance drives business.
We drive performance'.
Training methodology
Aptech Training Solutions delves deep into clients’ business processes to get a handle on the challenges they face. Instead of focusing on mere knowledge transfer, Aptech Training Solutions uses proven methods in all aspects of training – from content development to training delivery to follow-up evaluation. The methodology is backed by sound research into every aspect of adult learning. Click for Aptech Training Solutions’ Eight-step Training Process.
Wide range of solutions
Apart from offering a range of off-the-shelf training products, Aptech Training Solutions also customizes training content and actual training to cater to the diverse and specific needs of clients across domains. Such services cover a broad spectrum from sales to soft skills training, product training to IT applications training – and everything in between. To find the appropriate Aptech solution to your business challenges, click here.
Simultaneous training, Pan-India
Large organizations which have a pan-India spread can now depend on a single training partner. This is made possible by Aptech’s wide network of offices in every part of the country. Also, Aptech Training Solutions ensures the same standards of training, no matter what the client’s location .Each office has a dedicated team of project managers and coordinators who manage the training rollouts, including training infrastructure, delivery and collaterals.
Aptech Training Solutions has undertaken several training projects that required training thousands of employees across multiple locations. Read a few case studies.